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"Bambi" (1942)

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Sherlock series 3 quotes:
J: "It was probably just an addict in need of a fix."
S: Yes. I think in a way it was.

This conversation is the equivalent of lemon juice in your paper cut.

That shit is so upsetting.

Imagine this conversation going down between you and someone you love.  They both know this conversation is much more about John’s addiction and lot less about Sherlock’s.  Sherlock is the one that’s literally high, but John is the one in the corner twitching nervously and looking guiltily at floor.  Here’s the dysfunctional aspect of their miscommunication.   John calling Sherlock “a fix,” and Sherlock accepting the definition.  Acknowledging John sought out the dangers of a crack den in replacement of the thing he really wanted.  ”Yes, I think in a way it was.”  Basically a so you found the next best thing.  

Not even so much this, as the part where, linguistically speaking, Sherlock is comparing himself to a drug, to something being used.  Then accepts it because he thinks John only stays for the one the thing that Sherlock himself thinks he’s good for:  The Work and the dangers that come with it.

Welcome to the open mouth of Sherlock’s lack of self-value. Enjoy your stay.

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Peter Capaldi to Steven Moffat: image

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Tim Burton should just make a movie called ‘Johnny Depp’.

starring helena bonham carter as johnny depp

Co-starring Johnny Depp as Helena Bonham Carter.


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Zodiac Hidden Fears
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Swing dancing, 1939.

Real deal legit talent

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